Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Your marriage is the beginning of the rest of your life with your spouse.  Your wedding is how you celebrate that beginning.  The little details are your chance to reflect your personality and show off your style.  Don't miss an opportunity to embrace your uniqueness.  

While wedding traditions are there if you require some guidance, rules are made to be broken.  The traditional guest book is a lovely idea but few couple display their book after the nuptials are over.  Why not create a keepsake that become a daily reminder of your wedding?  Take a look at these 10 alternatives to the tradtional wedding guest book.

1.  Thumb Print Guest Tree:  Each guest puts their thumbprint on a branch and signs their name.

2.  Wishing Stones:  Each guest writes a wish for the new couple.


3.  Balloon Art:  Each guest signs a balloon and attaches it to art that will be framed and displayed.



4.  Love notes:  Guests write a message and insert into an envelope.



5.  Key to success:  Adorable concept and easy to understand.



6.  Life is a puzzle:  Guests sign puzzle pieces for future assembly and display.


7.  Tree of love:  Write your special message to the couple and hang on the tree for display.


8.  Map it out:  Guests sign on the destination they suggest the couple visit.



9.  Getting to know you:  Ask your guests to write a story of how they know you.


10.  Love songs:  Guests sign the vinyl version of your special song.