Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Homecoming is here and most parents can't wait to break out the camera.  You want to be certain to get a few pics that you (and the kids) will be proud of.  Take a look at a few tips listed below.
Try to get a good background:  Your backyard will probably make a good background for your photos.  If it's getting dark outside, don't forget the flash.
Get individual shots:  Most parents take photos of the couple or group before they go out but you might also consider individual shots as well.  This way you'll have a great momento even if the couple isn't dating later.
Get different group shots: You definitely want to photograph the entire group, but you might also want to get varying group shots like just girls or all the guys together.   Don't forget to get a shot of each couple as well.
Sweat the details:  A lot of time and money goes into getting ready for any formal event.  Be sure to capture the details like the corsage, vintage earrings or special hair do.
Everything doesn't have to be planned:  Kids will be kids.  Let them have fun and capture a few images of them playing around.  These spontaneous (not posed) photos will probably be some of your favorites.  Plus most kids will want fun, individual shots for their Facebook profile.
Hopefully, this will help you capture the moments before the formal and give you some great momentos.  Don't forget to contact Mr. Burch for all your formal fashion needs.  We are here to help.