Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Holiday Season is here.  How many parties and holiday functions have you been invited to this year? Will you be attending a neighborhood open house?  Office party? Charitable Fundraiser? Festive family gathering?  Do you already have New Year's Eve plans?  What are the trends for men's fashion this holiday season?
Neighborhood: Neutral colors are best here. He can't go wrong in his best dark work suit as the key is to blend in with the crowd at this party. Let someone else get chided for their goofy snowman sweater tomorrow.
Office: If he dresses in layers, he can start the day out more formal and as he gets more comfortable, he can shed a layer or two for a more casual look. A chunky cardigan over a button-down and tie, topped off with a blazer will do the trick.
Fundraiser/New Year's Eve: He likes the bowtie, but can never wear one to work? This is the perfect time to break it out. It's cool to play mix-and-match: no need to stick to strictly black and white when anything goes. Try brown and black for the modern spin on a classic tux.
Contact Mr. Burch (205) 252-3600 for your formal wear needs during the holidays this year.  Our experienced and professional staff would love to help you look your best.  Happy Holidays!