Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gather round gentlemen! You are about to receive the inside scoop for your prom style this year. We are here to help you step up your game and wow your lovely date.

One of the biggest trends this year, and it has been around a while, is bow ties! No longer reserved for professors and "nerds". Every lady loves a dapper gent in a bow tie!

If you really want to take a risk, try the "no jacket" look and rock suspenders with your bow tie.


Gray is also a very popular color this year. It is a very pleasing neutral that is almost guaranteed to match your dates dress. Especially if she is wearing a trendy pastel dress.

(Want to know more about Ladies Prom trends? See our previous blog post!)


Whether it is a dark graphite gray or a light steel gray, you are sure to be in style this prom season.


Darker colored tuxes accented by black lapels would be a bold choice and an excellent match if your date chose a "Little Black Dress" to wear.



You have a selection of colors to choose from too to make sure you and your gal stand out from the crowd.


Following the same idea, tuxes with black piping are very popular this year.


These tuxedos give you more of a selection of colors. The jackets with black piping range from light to dark hues.


Finally, if you aren't the adventurous type or you want more of a classic debonair look, there is always the classic black tux. Sure to compliment your dates ensemble and let your looks speak for themselves. Its called "classic" for a reason.



Now that you know what is in style and you have an idea of what you would like to wear, come in to any one of our many local locations to see if that look works for you. Mr. Burch has one of the largestlocalwarehouses. So, not only do we have the look you want, we have it in house! Prom next week and you don't have a tux, no problem! Remember, all of our tuxedos are local so we don't have to wait to have it shipped to us. Last minute emergencies are our specialty.



We always recommend coordinating looks with your date. We are not responsible for arguments or awkward pictures caused by not consulting with your date. ;)  


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trend Alert! Weddings and other formal events have men of all ages donning bow ties and suspenders again. No matter the formality, weddings are seeing a trend toward away from the vest and traditional tie look and back to bow ties and suspenders. The look is seen on the beach without jackets and in the dressiest of churches, and is very flattering to most men.



Suspenders serve a function as well as making a fashion statement-they keep your pants up! 
Replacing cummerbunds with suspenders discourages the under the belly placement of pants look that has unfortunately graced the pages of more than a few wedding albums. Suspenders are also an accessory where grooms and groomsmen can make a statement of personality. They are a great place to add a splash of color or element of theme.


Bow ties are versatile as well. Formal wear rental locations, such as Mr. Burch offer a wide variety of styles from pre-tied solids to uniquely patterned originals. These ties are another area where wedding parties may add a touch of whimsical to the look of the event. Perhaps each groomsmen could sport a different color representing his sports team alliance or favorite superhero. Custom ties are great ideas for groomsmen gifts as well.



Its great to see men's fashion as another way to highlight a couple's personality at their wedding, and this trend is no exception. The seasoned professionals at Mr. Burch would love to help you create your unique wedding look. Stop by one of our many convenient Birmingham area locations today.