Wednesday, July 6, 2016

From Youtube, Pinterest,, to Instagram and Facebook -– social media has dramatically changed how brides explore and discover ideas for wedding planning. In addition, brides are connecting with communities of similar women to share their experiences. It is ever more critical for wedding vendors and businesses that are active in the wedding industry to understand this trend and become engaged in communicating with these women on popular social networks and communities.

Brides are glued to their tablets or other mobile devices scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Gone are the days of brides carrying a heavy wedding magazine with lots of post-it notes plastered throughout the pages, which was the norm not too long ago. Social media and interactions within the wedding community have become very visual based. For comic relief, brides can type ‘wedding meme’ into Google Images for instant laughs. In addition, Pinterest has rocked the wedding industry. Florists and wedding planners get direct links to their brides' wedding Pinterest boards. Much of the creativity and vision that the wedding planner once had seems to have shifted onto the Pinterest boards of brides-to-be.



Social media is also a great way to include family members and friends scattered around the world in your wedding plans. Brides are often using Skype and other online formats with family friends to help with selecting a wedding dress. Couples can create specific hashtags for their wedding photos captured by friends to share during and after the wedding day. Beautiful moments are captured and rapidly spread across social networks. Don’t be surprised to see brides creating “social media rules” for their weddings. Brides and grooms may want to be the first to post any pictures of their wedding onto social networks.


As much as social media has enhanced the wedding planning process and made it much more easy to explore and discover brands, venues, makeup artists, hair stylists, and wedding dress designers, it has also put more pressure on brides, mothers of brides, and mothers of grooms to demand perfection on the wedding day. There are now over 20 reality TV wedding shows focusing on how wedding planners create elaborate weddings and how brides are determined to find the perfect wedding dress.



Like all tools, social media in wedding planning should be used in moderation. It's a great way to connect scattered friends and family and include so many in the planning process. Brides should just keep their perspectives in check and hold realistic expectations when it comes to working with their vendors. Pinterest boards are a great jumping off place to set ideas in motion and when accompanied by an experiences team of local vendors, brides will have a great time seeing their plans come to fruition.


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