Wednesday, July 6, 2016
As recent as ten years ago, the length of dress selected for the bridesmaids at most traditional weddings in the US were set by the clock. Morning and early afternoon ceremonies could sport short dresses, afternoon weddings carried the tea-length option, and anything 4:30 pm or later would be floor length gowns. Slowly and surely those rules have relaxed to today's anything goes.
If you fall in love with dresses that flow to the floor but are getting married at 10:00 am, go for it! If your maids come in all shapes and sizes, and would really feel more comfortable selecting styles for themselves, and you're ok with it, go for it! If guys can wear undershirts and socks representing their favorite super heroes, then you can absolutely have all different color and length of dress in your lineup.
It has been popular for quite some time now for maids to wear a slightly different style of dress in the same color to make everyone feel comfortable. However, you might like the idea of same dress, different color. Perhaps you want to celebrate each ladies unique style and give them no style and color parameters at all-it's your day, your way!
When selecting dresses for the special gals that make up your team, it might be a good idea to ask for color and style suggestions from your photographer so the ladies will look great for photos. Have Fun!

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Brynn,I’m like youh382#0;..&ead voice? chest voice? heart voice!! ♥♥ that’s the voice I hear ♪♥♫♥.  You’ve really created a great scrapbook page here.  Your words have created mental pictures that created remembering a great weekend is SLC.  Thanks!!    How I would love to re-live that weekend for realz again. **sigh**Off to download iTunes.    Tawna

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