Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Congratulations!  You've just been invited to a wedding.  You're probably familiar with the fact that the best man and maid of honor have certain duties to the bride and groom.  You should also be aware that as a guest, so do you.  The couple have selected you to attend and share their special day.  You should be prepared to be on your best behavior.  Here are a few things to consider.


RSVP...we beg you!

You will probably recieve an RSVP card with your invitation.  USE IT.  You normally get it about 4 weeks before the deadline.  Don't file it away thinking "I have plenty of time."  This is a great way to forget or misplace it.  Go ahead and take a few minutes to let the couple know your intentions.  The vendors need a headcount weeks before so there will be enough food, drink and wedding favors to accomodate you.  Sneak your RSVP in past the deadline and you'll make a lot of people scramble and not very happy.



Are you on the guestlist?

Don't add a plus one.  If your name is the only one on the envelope, you're the only one invited. You might also consider this while deciding if you should bring your children.  If the invitation is made out to the Smith Family or the kids are listed on the inside envelope, consider bringing your rug rats.  Otherwise, please invest in a babysitter.  Besides, it's nice to have an adult night out now and then.




It's not about you

Seriously?  How difficult is it to arrive on time? The bride and grown didn't save and plan for a year so you can walk down the aisle in front of the maid of honor.  Plan on arriving 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled.  If there is some unforseen circumstance that prevents you arriving on time (like a tornado or alien space ship) wait until the ceremony is over and join the guests at the reception.  


Also, consider the focus of the wedding when selecting what to wear.  Be respectful of the dress code and dress appropriately.  Try not to wear anything that will draw unnecassry attention to yourself, like a long white dress.


Do not play paparazzi

There is no reason for you to take pictures during a wedding ceremony.  NONE.  At best your flash is ruining the professional photos being made by the professional photographer and blinding the wedding party.  At worst, you iPhone or iPad is blocking the aisle and preventing the paid team of photographers and videographers from getting the moments they were paid to capture.  The couple wants to look out and see your smiling face, not the back of your phone.

You might also consider not plastering every moment you capture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Many candid shots including first look, have been ruined by well meaning guests who are updating their status.



Because I said so that's why

Be a team player. Go prepared to play along.  Is everyone expected to dance?  Boogie down.  Is everyone lined up at the photobooth?  Say cheese.  By accepting the couple's invitation you are agreeing that you are up for whatever they throw your way. Your accomodating attitude will be remebered for years to come.



Step away from the bar

Open bar does not equal "please drink as much as you can hold and dance on the table."  Drinking too much can be embarrassing (for you and the couple) as well as dangerous.  Unless you planned on blacking out earlier, you probably don't have a ride home.  Also, consider the photographer and videographer haven't been drinking and are there to record every cringe inducing move you make.  Pace yourself so you can toast with the couple until the reception is over.




Go postal

To prevent friend/family of the couple or the wedding planner from having to load her car and deliver 200 pounds worth of gifts, please mail your present.  All registries will have a shipping address.  This will allow the couple to open gifts at their convenience and make sure the purchase is insured until arrival.  Even if you're giving cash, you can still mail a check or money order.  This will insure it doesn't get lost in the commotion or even taken.  


These are a few suggestions for your consideration before attending your next wedding. Be sure to contact Mr Burch about your wedding attire.  We're here to help you look good.