Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Debutante ball is a high society event that allows families to introduce and present their daughters to their own community. They are very formal rite of passage in high society circles.  Most debutante balls will have a specific name and serves the same purpose for the high society people organizing them.  It is the formal presentation of their unmarried daughters to their society peers. The debutante ball may have different looks depending upon location, season and tradition.  However, they all traditionally have unvaried components including, formal dress, escorts, introduction and presentation of the debutante.
Debutante Balls are formal affairs and therefore require formal attire.  Please dress accordingly.  The traditional interpretation of "formal" is floor length for women and tuxedo for men. That being said, your invitation might include specifics and should be consulted. 
The tradition of the debutante ball has been around for a long time and is more prevalent in the south. While most people have little exposure to the debutante ball, many are aware that they exist. And while many may know of their existence, few are able to partake in the events.  The debutante ball is an exclusive, invitation-only event. In some cases, invitations are limited to specific numbers.
Greg at Mr. Burch in Mountain Brook has tremendous experience working with and guiding debutante ball attendees.  Please contact Greg for assistance (205) 871-3589.
Heritage Ball - November 29, 2014
Colonial Debutante Ball - December 5, 2014
Redstone Ball - December 20, 2014
Imperial Ball - December 22, 2014
Poinsettia Ball - December 27, 2014
Service Guild Gala - TBA, usually March
Heart Ball - TBA, usually March
Ball of Roses - TBA, usually May