Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wedding favors are optional gifts given to wedding party guests as a token of the bride and groom's appreciation for participation in their wedding.  They don't have to be elaborate or expensive.  They just need to reflect your wedding and personality.  
Summer is a wonderful opportunity to give favors that fit your theme and season.  Now that you have your theme and date selected, how do you know what kinds of wedding favors to select?  Keep these simple rules in mind.
Consult your budget.  Decide how much of your wedding funds you will set aside for favors and shop with that number in mind.  No matter the amount, you need to make that work.
Talk to your fiance about what he wants.  The gift will be from both of you so he should have input.
Figure out what style of favor you want.  Do you want classic or whimsical?  Knowing beforehand can save time shopping for favors that don't match your personality.
Remember your theme.  Bubbles are fun but might not have anything to do with your beach wedding.  You want your guests to be reminded of your wedding and the wonderful time they had when they look at your favor.
Look for gifts that add to the decor of your wedding.  Is the reception outdoors?  You might want to provide a parasol to keep the sun off your guests.  By supplying parasols in your wedding colors, you add to the decor and the wedding photos.
Think of ways to personalize your gifts.  You might consider adding a tag with each guest's name written in script.  You might attach your favorite quote or ribbon.
No matter what you decide for your wedding favors, remember they are a token of appreciation to thank your guests.  You want everyone to enjoy your wedding as much as you will.