Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The wedding ring, that most famous and instantly recognizable symbol of the joining of a man and a woman as husband and wife in the institution of marriage, has a long, and widespread and mysterious history.
The ancient Egyptians used plants growing on the banks of the Nile to fashion the first wedding rings. The ring is of course a circle and this was the symbol of eternity for the Egyptians as well as many other ancient cultures. It had no beginning and no end, like time. It is not difficult to see how the ring and the gift of a ring began to be associated with love and could take on the characteristics of the circle and capture eternity.They wore it like we do today, on the third finger of the left hand, because of a belief that the vein of that finger directly traveled from the heart.
This legend was later taken up by the Greeks, when they conquered Egypt under the generalship of Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. and from them passed onto the Romans, who called this the ‘vena amoris’, which is Latin for ‘the vein of love’.
Today, wedding bands are a billion dollar industry. The biggest trend right now? Individuality. Your wedding band is a reflection of who you are and of the story you tell as a couple. The days are long gone when the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band were sold as a set-sometimes even as a trio, with the groom’s wedding band included in the mix-and style choices were fairly limited.
Today, the engagement ring and bride’s and groom's wedding bands are three unique entities, with a seemingly limitless choice of style.
Wedding-Band Buying Tips
  • Shop around. Each jeweler offers different designers and each has its own style. A special event and special occasion in your life should be celebrated with your wedding band as a symbol. Jewelers carry the classics plus a majority of the alternative metals. Discover which material speaks to you and works with your lifestyle.
  • The size of your fingers fluctuates during the day, so have someone qualified measure your ring finger. The proper way for a ring to fit is to have to work to get it on and off over your knuckle. Along these lines, the band width tends to match the size of your finger. A man with a smaller finger may have a preference for a 4-millimeter width over the more popular 6-millimeter.
  • Plan ahead! On average, give 4 to 6 weeks before you get the ring you ordered. Keep in mind that this is a lasting symbol of not only your wedding day but of your lives. Put the time and energy into choosing something that will last the rest of your lives.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

If you’ve noticed the telltale flash of a pocket square peeking out from a suit jacket, you might be watching Mad Men, or you might just be noticing one of the biggest resurgences in menswear history. While trends come and go, there’s something about the pocket square that’s been gaining momentum with all types of guys from the boardroom to the backroom.
It’s a really simple way to elevate your look, but one that also seems to incite a little panic for guys who want to know how to pull it off.
According to experts, pocket squares grew out of necessity. Men needed something to wipe sweat off their brows or blow their noses, and of course they couldn’t just use their shirtsleeves. From there, gentlemen carried one for themselves and one for the ladies, making it a chic, must-have accessory for every guy. While khaki-wearing magnates and the advent of casual dress codes changed the focus of men’s fashion, retro shows such as Mad Men, the resurgence of the classic prep look have brought back the pocket square and thrust it into the spotlight once again.
Today, a trip to J. Crew or even a department store like Nordstrom yields myriad choices. From plain white, to the madras, chambray, and silk that are seen on glossy magazine covers and runways, one thing is for sure-it's hip to be square-again.
The pocket square, like all fashion trends, has made its way to the wedding world as well. A pocket square is a great place to pick up the color of the bridesmaids dresses or décor accent colors. Besides, it's always a good idea to have an extra hanky to share of wedding day, right?


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

So, you've been asked to be a groomsmen in your buddy's upcoming wedding. Contrary to popular belief, it does entail more than wearing the chosen suit and taking advantage of the even't open bar. We've compiled a checklist breaking down the duties for groomsmen during the various stages of wedding planning to make it easy to do right by your friend.



• Offer to help the best man plan the bachelor party.
• Attend any engagement parties or couple’s showers thrown for the engaged couple.
• Get fitted for and pick up your tux or suit one or two days before the wedding day-this will give you enough time to make sure everything fits.



• Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to receive detailed instructions about your duties for the following day-and be on time.
• Receive instructions for photos that will be taken at the wedding. More importantly, the ones that you will be in.
• Meet your fellow members of the wedding party if you haven’t already.




• If all of the groomsmen are getting dressed at a central location, make sure to arrive there on time.
• Smile for all of the photos.
• Make sure that the groom is relaxed and has had something to eat.
• If ushers aren’t being used, escort wedding guests to their seats as they arrive.
• Either escort a bridesmaid down the aisle or walk out with the groom (depending on which method the couple has chosen).
• Be introduced at the reception – and soak up the limelight!
• Dance with your bridesmaid partner if a wedding party dance is on tap.
• Help carry gifts o the car afterward.
• Help the bride’s family clean up after the reception is over




If you can follow these easy steps for success while being a groomsmen, you will not only have an appreciative groom, but your buddies make just take the time to do right by you when it's your turn to walk down the aisle.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Whether you're about to rent your first tux for a dance or prom, or you've picked out the suits you'll be using for the wedding party at your upcoming nuptials, let's face it, there are still some guys who don't care about clothes all that much. Although it is always best to have the seasoned professionals at Mr. Burch professionally fit you at one of our convenient locations, busy student schedules and groomsmen/ushers living out of town may warrant to collection of their own measurements.



When following these 10 steps in self-measurement, you're a lot more likely to have a fit success story that a nightmare.

  1. Determine your weight by using an accurate scale.

  2. Measure your height. Take off your shoes and stand with your back against the wall. Place the tape measure at the bottom of your feet and measure to the highest point on your head.

  3. Measure your waist. Tuxedo pants fit higher than jeans or dress pants. Measure around the top of your hip bones and across your navel to determine an accurate waist size.

  4. Calculate your hip measurements. Place the tape measure around your hips. The measurement should be determined by looping the tape measure around your pants and over the biggest part of your rear end.

  5. Determine your out seam while wearing shoes. Make sure the shoes are similar to what you'll be wearing with the tuxedo. While facing forward, place the tape measure on the outside arch of your shoe. Pull the tape measure up your leg, past your hip bone and to the height of your navel. This measurement helps determine the length of pants you will need.



  6. Measure your chest. Raise your arms to the side. Run the tape measure around your shoulder blades, under each arm and around the fullest part of your chest. Lower your arms and assess the measurement.

  7. Determine your over-arm measurement. Put both arms at your side. Place the tape measure around your chest and both shoulders, and record your size. This measurement is similar to how you measured your chest, except now you're including your shoulders.

  8. Assess the size of your neck. Circle the tape measure around your neck and record the measurement.

  9. Calculate your sleeve measurement. Allow one of your arms to hang straight at your side. Place the tape measure near the bottom of the back of your neck. Run your tape measure over the top of your shoulder and then down your straight arm to a point approximately one inch below the center of your wrist.

  10. Record your coat in-sleeve measurement. Put the tape measure on the inside of your arm slightly below your wrist. Pull the tape up into your underarm for the complete measurement.




Remember, that professional formal wear shops, like Mr. Burch, are usually happy to measure for no charge, but if you have to DIY, stick to this plan. Good Luck!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Most Bridal parties are made up of the bride and groom's nearest and dearest, and the gifts selected for these attendants should be just as special. Whether your budget is unlimited or meager, gifts for your groomsmen should let your big brother and your buddy from the playground know how much they mean to you.



Some grooms may be more traditional and stick to classic commemorative gifts that symbolize not only the importance of the relationship between friends and family, but the importance of the wedding event itself. These gifts might be engrave able keepsakes such as flasks, money clips, and cuff links and are still very popular today.


Other grooms may feel more comfortable with individual gifts for each particular groomsmen. Wedding parties can be comprised of all ages and while your dad or big brother may favor a tool set or beer mugs, your college roommate may be a collector of rare vinyl albums. So, gift accordingly.



Experience gifts have become popular as well. Treat your favorite guys to a casino weekend or golf at a special club. The quality time will appreciate your pals while making great memories.



As is true with most modern wedding trends, anything goes with gift giving these days, so be true to yourself and you won't go wrong with selecting the perfect gifts for your guys.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trend Alert! Weddings and other formal events have men of all ages donning bow ties and suspenders again. No matter the formality, weddings are seeing a trend toward away from the vest and traditional tie look and back to bow ties and suspenders. The look is seen on the beach without jackets and in the dressiest of churches, and is very flattering to most men.



Suspenders serve a function as well as making a fashion statement-they keep your pants up! 
Replacing cummerbunds with suspenders discourages the under the belly placement of pants look that has unfortunately graced the pages of more than a few wedding albums. Suspenders are also an accessory where grooms and groomsmen can make a statement of personality. They are a great place to add a splash of color or element of theme.


Bow ties are versatile as well. Formal wear rental locations, such as Mr. Burch offer a wide variety of styles from pre-tied solids to uniquely patterned originals. These ties are another area where wedding parties may add a touch of whimsical to the look of the event. Perhaps each groomsmen could sport a different color representing his sports team alliance or favorite superhero. Custom ties are great ideas for groomsmen gifts as well.



Its great to see men's fashion as another way to highlight a couple's personality at their wedding, and this trend is no exception. The seasoned professionals at Mr. Burch would love to help you create your unique wedding look. Stop by one of our many convenient Birmingham area locations today.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Although a wedding is the bride's day, all family members play an important role in the event, particularly mothers of the groom. Coordinating dress color with the bride's mother may seem unimportant while planning a wedding, but can cause embarrassment or ruffled feathers when ignored. Colors complementary to the wedding party and the mother of the bride's dress are ideal.


The goal with dress color is to blend in, rather than stand out or match. Solid hues and small or subtle prints are very appropriate. Look for soft or medium colors, like blues, greens, peaches and yellows. Find something that goes well with your hair color and skin tone in a style that flatters your body. Avoid red and strong, flamboyant colors that attract attention. Large or busy prints and plaids should be saved for another day.


Traditionally, the mother of the groom should wait until the bride's mother has chosen her dress, then see it or view pictures. This will prevent matching or clashing dresses. By coordinating colors andstyles they create a flawless bridge between the two sides of the new family. The groom's mother should not wear the same color as the bride's mother, but try to find a dress of similar length and formality.


For traditionalists, black is taboo. For the modern woman, however, it is considered stylish for evening or more formal weddings. Black is appropriate to wear if the bride does not object. Beige, sometimes seen as a means to blend into the background so as not to upstage the bride or her mother, is more often considered bland and unimaginative.


Weather, date and wedding location also play an important role in finding the right color. Some colors do not match well with certain seasons. For example, pale pink would not be suitable for an autumn wedding any more than a rust-colored gown would be in June.


One color guideline never seems to change: Don't wear white. No longer the automatic choice of the bride, that door is still closed to the groom's mother. Practically speaking, it is also a poor choice because it shows spots and stains easily, making surviving the ceremony and reception without spilling, dripping or smudging a challenge. Instead of white, try a subtle silver or gold.


Mr Burch is here for any of your wedding fashion needs.  Need help?  Please call us at (205) 252-3600.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

When you're the Mother of the Bride, you want to stand out and feel special, without upstaging your daughter. Follow the instructions below and you will be sure to receive compliments all through your special day.

 The wedding's venue and level of formality will help dictate the type of dress you're seeking. A black-tie wedding calls for a glittering cocktail dress or full-length gown; a beachside wedding may mean a pretty linen sundress.

An A-line silhouette - fitted at the top, flared at the bottom - works for most figures. A sheath dress looks beautiful on a figure that's proportional, equally large at the bust and hips.

Select a hue that works with the wedding palette so the dresses don't clash in the wedding photos. Skip black or white at the wedding - white is generally reserved for the bride, and black may seem like you're mourning your daughter's marriage. Dresses with wild patterns don't photograph as well as simpler, solidly colored gowns in rich fabrics.


You'll likely be on your feet through the bulk of the day, helping your daughter get ready and greeting guests, so be sure your dress fits well and will be comfortable for a long haul.

 Start looking for your dress at least six months out from the wedding date, so you have time to look and to special-order your dress, if required. Consider buying the dress at the same salon where the bride bought her dress, and ask if you can receive a discount on the price.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bridesmaid dresses are always a hot topic. Often the object of ridicule, the bridesmaid dress is an easy target.  Don't believe me? Watch the movie 27 Dresses.  They are something people love to hate. However, the trends for Summer 2013 bridesmaid dresses might just be pretty, fresh and modern enough, to turn it all around. 


Trend #1 An Illusion: Dramatic, sexy and very popular, illusion necklines add intrigue to these new looks for bridesmaids.


Trend #2 One-Shoulder Winners: Hardly a brand new trend, the one-shoulder look is particularly popular this year.  


Trend #3 Razzle Dazzle Red:  Fire engine red is not just for the bride this year.  Cute cherry colored dresses add a pop to any wedding and bolder hues are dramatic and daring.



Trend #4 Pretty Peplums:  Hugely popular for bridal gowns this year.  Pretty peplums add both oomph and poise to bridesmaid dresses.



Trend #5 Gray Day:  There's nothing gloomy about gorgeous gray dresses for summer.



No matter what your style, theme, color or taste, Mr. Burch is here to help.  Contact us at  (205) 661-3330 for your wedding fasion needs.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Now that you've weighed all your options and you know you’ll be using a tuxedo on at least a yearly basis, buying is definitely in your best interest. Here are some tips that will help you purchase a tuxyou’ll actually enjoy wearing.

  1. It should be dark. Yes, you could creative and get the purple tuxedo, but black is a much more widely accepted tuxedo color. If not black, you might go with charcoal grey or midnight blue. 
  2. Keep it light. Dancing and tuxedos go hand in hand. Consider wearing a  heavy tux that’ll have you sweating by the second song.
  3. Come see a professional (Mr. Burch of course) As with any major purchase, you’re going to want to look around. Even if you fall in love with the first tux you see, try others. Of course our professional staff will there to help.
  4. Consider buying a former rental tux. We take great care of of our rental tuxes.  Just be sure to try it on first and closely examine it for wear and tear.
  5. Go for something simple. Tails and vests and other accessories can complicate a tux. Go for the simple but stylish bow tie plus cummerbund combination and you’ll never look out of place.
  6. Buy the whole set together. The coat and trousers should come from the same designer and match each other perfectly. You’ll probably want to buy the shirt in the same place so you can make sure it goes well with the rest of the outfit.

Okay men, don't complain about buying a buying a tuxedo. After all, women need to buy formal dresses too, and they can’t get away with wearing the same one to every event as easily as you can with the same tux. So if you have lots of formal events in your future, take a day to do a bit of shopping and you’ll be ready for for any fancy shindig on a moment’s notice and for a lot less money than your rental-only friends.  For more information on buying a tuxedo, contact Mr. Burch at (205) 252-3602.