Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The next day I was with Wayne, Lonnie and Greg checking out the new tuxedos and suits from a variety of vendors. Here are some of what we saw at Market. 
David Tutera
This was the first booth we stopped by and took a look at the brand new line of tuxedos by David Tutera. This diamond Ice tuxedo has a great look for a destination or outside wedding. The multicolored bowtie really sets off this tux and reminds me of an old southern wedding.
Michael Kors                                                                                            
Next stop was the guys at Michael Kors. We all know that with a name like Michael Kors it's going to be a very hot item with brides. We purchased the grey Passion tuxedo by Michael Kors and it has been a hit. But what about a black one?
Ike Behar
Ike Behar was next. The offering of a Navy Tux was surprising at first but Navy is on the way back. Hard to decide which one looks the best.
Allure Men
We ended the day with Allure Men. Allure has had huge success with their bridesmaids and prom dress line but now they offer formal wear for men. Allure men has a great line of tuxedos. This is the new cement tuxedo offered in both a notch and peak lapels. We really like the light grey look and mixing and matching coats and pants with accessories gives you so many choices.
That trip was a very enjoyable and enlightening one that gave me an insight into another facet of the tuxedo rental and sales industry. Check back soon for our announcements on what we purchased from this trip. We are still trying to decide so give us feedback if you would like. Follow us on social media and let us know. The customer is always right! It was a great time and I look forward to next year.